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As well urinary incontinence nappies, we also stock a special design for faecal / bowel / dual incontinence.


We sincerely thank all of our customers, veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses who have kindly provided photographs and their excellent feedback - Thank you !


Dear Jackie... twelve years old and suffering from heart and lung failure. A snug secure fit………. feeling very comfortable and now allowed to join us again in all the rooms in the house! ... a brilliant idea, to help people in need like we were! A very BIG thank you ... Xxx.

3rd party independent verification report

Please click here, to read the independent "case study" report carried out between the TV documentary team & our customers, into our products & services.

Georgia Edwards


What do Veterinary Surgeons say ??

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What do Veterinary Nurses say ??

Please click here to read an interview with a Veterinary Nurse who has used our products.

In future, when we are presented with pets requiring incontinence wear, we will definitely contact yourselves. Thank you for all your help.


Dear Jackie, how very helpful and friendly you have been and I will definitely come back to purchase more in due course.


I have had Harvey since he was 8 weeks old, (he was found roaming the streets and handed into the local police) never really knew if he had escaped or was abandoned.

He was in good health and already had his tail docked but no one came forward.

I became the lucky new owner and he has been a very special dog to me. My hubby had to love me, love my dog !

Alex Bates


Our dog (thankfully) is still going strong at the grand old age of 17! We are very pleased with the dog nappies - they have been of fantastic value for us

Nicky Blackman
Paraje Mangam
Asa La Vinuela

It has enabled us all to relax.

She wears her nappy through the day. We take it off at night and when walking or when she goes in the garden. It has never distressed her and without it I don't know what we would have done

Victoria Alexander
Registered Veterinary Nurse
Fernside Veterinary Centre

Christine Buchanan


Yes, I have a rabbit who lost partial use of her back legs about three months ago. For this reason, I have had to start using nappies in order to keep her clean and hygienic.


Finding your website was a complete revelation for us and has made our cat's condition completely manageable.

The nappies were certainly and life changing event, a life changing find

This has worked quite well, in tandem with regular baths (and blow-dries from the hair-dryer). The ones from are great because they are light, easy to use and dry easily so I have two - one in use and one wash/drying.


It has meant that I can keep Ethel my rabbit, who is otherwise healthy, alive, with quality of life and I would recommend the products wholeheartedly
Zoe Holbourne
James Stirling


A life saver. Our gorgeous Molly suffered spinal cord damage approximately 5 ½ years ago which resulted in partial paralysis and therefore incontinence.

Hi Billie - "Your products were great" !

Our life has not been the same. When we get home there is no longer this huge flood that we have to deal with and Molly is so good and patient when we change her…

Thank you so very, very much. Attached are two photos of our gorgeous girl .

Alison Drinnan
New South Wales
Peter McGrail

Our lovely, old West Highland White Terrier, Dougal celebrated his 17th birthday last month. He's still a spritely old thing, but his hearing and sight are not what they used to be. Unfortunately nor is his bladder control! He's not incontinent, but a little dribbler - I understand it happens to the best of old men!! The dog nappies have been great! I followed the instructions to put it on him at first with a treat, so that the association with something nice was made early on. I have to admit I was worried that he would try to get it off, but he seemed to actually like it! Now he stands still while I put on his 'trousers' and doesn't seem to be aware of being 'nappied'!

A short word of warning to new users: I once let Dougal out in the garden and forgot to take his nappy off! As I saw him trundle down the garden path, I realised too late! He consequenly had cocked his leg (the way Westies do) and spent a penny in his nappy! This illustrates to me that he is not aware of wearing one. Fortunately, they wash perfectly well in the washing machine - so buy two sets the first time.

The dog nappy has made our lives so much easier and now everyone is happy - including my husband who was getting rather fed up with mopping the Amtico floor. I would recommend to anyone who has this problem, to try them
Elizabeth Caush

Misty has a serious tumour on her bladder which cannot be operated on. She has been having a lot of accidents lately and hates it. These nappies have been a godsend and she loves them. They make her feel secure

Hi Guys.... We have moved to a second floor apartment and our dog who was used to just stepping out the back door to go to the loo had to now face several flights of stairs and was having accidents before getting outside.

You can imagine the stress this was causing for both of us !!

Being fifteen and a half she was also becoming incontinent and occasionally wetting her bed in the night. Anyway thanks to your wonderful product, she now enjoys an extra lease of life that we did not think she would have. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !

Angela Hills

Chris Searle


Holly our Dog is 13 years old and suffers from Cushing's Disease and due to her illness she has other complications and in particular she has been in a season for the past 4 months... we would highly recommend these …. and the fact that it can be machine washed is fantastic.

Holly has a great spirit and on good days has lot's of energy Holly ….and we can now relax knowing there will be no accidents in the house.

Many Thanks


Firstly thank you very much for providing a fantastic answer for our pet's problem with urinary incontinence.

Finding your products was fantastic for us, and so easy to wear for our 14 year old Shitzu called Gizzi…….my local vet was really surprised when I told her how I had dealt with Gizzi's incontinence and very impressed !

Jacqulyn & David


Hazel Aldred
South Yorkshire


Hi there, so glad we found this product as it really does work.

I was unsure to begin with as my dog usually pulls things such as this off, but she hasn't even tried. She just ignores it as it seems to be very comfortable.

She's 13 and a half now and still quite spritely, so it seemed such a shame to even consider putting her down for continually wetting the carpet, when it could be so easily fixed by this fab product !



...saved my husband's and my sanity !

Once we found your product, so much stress was relieved for both our dog Calvin and for my husband and I. Calvin weighed nearly 90 lbs and had off and on spells of trouble holding it - a source of embarrassment for him and stress for us ! …….And he was so pleased to wear them - actually proud I think.

They were clearly comfortable as he never tried to take them off and would proudly wear them on walks outside if we would only let him ! Even though we never scolded him, he felt so bad when he had an accident, it is the saddest thing.

I wish I had a picture to send you, but as I don't. I'd be happy to make any support statements…

Charlene Elder
Jennifer Rossi
Woodford Green


The nappies are tremendous, many thanks



Thanks so much Jackie. I have to say again, what a wonderful company !

I will certainly order from you again in the future. I’m more than happy for you to use my comments on your website. It’s not often you come across such a lovely company !

You have restored my faith in internet shopping ! Very best wishes

Ian Calland
Linda Phillips


Firstly, the nappy is great; she doesn't seem disturbed by it at all........We would like to order another one, exactly the same size.....


I just want to say thank you …They used to have to stay at night in the conservatory, due to frequent accidents, but now they snooze in front of the fire at night.

I don't know how much longer they will be with us (they are 100 in human years this month!) but at least we know their last days will be comfortable and happy. Thank you again !

Jo Ellis
Le Villard
Noreen Daniel
Wyke Champflower


Your dog nappy and liners are amazing !

Our 15 year old Schipperkie has suffered a seizure which has rendered him incontinent so your product is a great help in keeping him clean.

Another effect of the seizure is weakness in his legs (his balance and strength are slowly returning), so I will send a photograph of him in your 'nappy' when he is a little stronger. Will be ordering again soon



Our beloved boxer dog Harvey became incontinent after suffering from testicular cancer. Medication did not help.......When we discovered your product on the internet, we immediately ordered …

Harvey is delighted..... they are comfortable, easy to change and easy to keep clean and fresh.

We are very pleased with your product and are happy to recommend them to other owners.

Hope this assists, Sincerely. Mr and Mrs A Wilson and Harvey, the boxer dog ( Wag,wag,wag – yes, Harvey has a full tail! )

Paula Ireland
Mr and Mrs A Wilson


Dear Jackie - I don't know where to start to thank you for all your help and understanding with sorting …. Mr B (see attached picture).

Mr B was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour on his bladder 6 months ago and as it gets larger he has become increasingly leaky to a point where I couldn't let him in the living room with me or let him sleep in his fabric basket, it was miserable for both of us, it made me so sad for him.

However ……. the quality of his (and my) life has improved dramatically, he now has the run of the house again, I can take him to work with me without worrying about any accidents, and he can sleep in his lovely comfy bed again.


I just wanted to add a testimonial to your website, as your Dog Nappies are absolutely brilliant! 

Like many old gentlemen, our ancient border collie, Oscar, has had increasing problems with bladder control and the Nappies are a complete godsend. 

The reasonably cool 'denim running-shorts' look means that we don't feel we're humiliating him too much, and he seems actively to like them - I think having 'clothes' has made him feel he's finally graduated to fully-fledged human!

Thank you for a brilliant invention and for making whatever time we have left with our beloved old dog (16+) so much more enjoyable.

Alison Bevan

Also your perseverance in helping to find the right size and style for him was very much appreciated. He's on borrowed time but thanks to you at least we will be able to enjoy however long he has left.

Once again thanks for all your help I can't begin to tell you how much difference it has made to us, life is so much easier and Mr B is enjoying his soft basket and lying on the rug in front of the fire without the worry (for me) of him leaking

Thanks for getting back to me - I think that your customer services are excellent and your nappies are a life saver


Lynda Gribbon
Kirkby Stephen
Laila Underwood
Newton Abbot


They are brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone with a dog that is incontinent and I'm sure they would be very handy for messy seasons too.

I'm sure you will be responsible for saving the lives of dogs whose owners thought there was no answer to the problem other than euthanasia !!!


I would send you a photo of my dog in his nappy, but he is black and of course the nappies I bought are dark navy and I am afraid that they just do not show up ! In fact it is quite easy not to notice that he is wearing them.

However, he got used to them straight away, they fit comfortably and have helped to make both him and me sleep well at night !
All the best

Sarah Gleave
Metheringham Heath
Patricia Hall


Sadly my dog Deefa died a few weeks ago. Deefa had a good few months in his nappy I don't know what I would have done without it.

I pass on your details to anyone who has a dog with the same problem, as I am a mobile dog groomer and see a lot of dogs


Dear Jackie - ..... it’s absolutely brilliant !!! It works perfectly.

Lanzo seems really comfortable and content. I cannot emphasise how this simple idea has changed our lives !! No more cleaning carpets every day. No more daily baths for Lanzo.

With regular pad changes, his fur is kept completely dry and odour free. It does not restrict his movement either. Just ordered a 3rd one. Massive thank you !!!!

Julie Lawton-Jones
West Midlands

Pauline Portch

What a great service you provide

I am very pleased ……… It fits Coral very well and she seems to be comfortable in it as she doesn't take any notice of it

Beverley Rowe
Jacynth Crawford


Attached is a photo of our dog Winston for your portfolio.

We are thankful for your products !

Many thanks !
Sherice Davis

Sandra Norris


Thank you so much for sending the nappy so quickly...... I have the feeling that this new design certainly is going to be a winner.

It has the extra room which is needed for the male dog and the wider Velcro strap gives extra support for a big dog. Jason is undergoing tests at the moment and I'm unsure if the incontinence is going to be a persistent problem for him.

If it seems that he'll always have the problem, then I'll certainly be ordering more. In the meantime, your product has brought a great deal of relief to the family. Jason neither seems up nor down about wearing the new contraption, which is a tremendous boost to us. We now know that it is comfortable for him to wear and doesn't restrict him in any way.

I have every confidence that the dog nappy is going to change our lives- no more continual mopping up! Jason will be happy too being back in situ in front of the fire. Thanks again. Drew


My decision to use the nappy was not a dilemma for me at all.

I cannot remember how long ago I ordered the nappy, but up until the day she died she wore it day and night, and because she would wander about and walk into things with the advice of the vet, we bought her a travel cot for night time only and put it in our bedroom.

She was also distressed at "making a mess" something that I know a lot of dogs suffer with, but she would have so benefited from these very simple inventions physically and mentally

Andrew Forrest
Adele Bolkonsky
High Wycombe

It is brilliant, now my dear old dog can roam the house rather than being confined to the kitchen
These nappies have given her life back
Nikki Alford
Coombe Bissett
Mrs Gill Coyne
Great Boughton


It was very efficient, easy to wash and dry, and meant Louis's bed stayed dry overnight.

The company was very helpful when I phoned and service was instant when I had to change the nappy size at the outset


I cannot tell you what a difference it made to us and Saffron....

...And I cannot praise the Dog Nappy company too highly. You simply pick up the phone and talk to them; they just understand and know exactly what the problems are and can suggest ways of making life easier, and you feel you are not alone....

.... if anyone deserves a gold medal it is the Dog Nappy Company - and I know Saffie would agree with me ! Best Wishes

Pat Bray
Janet Croome


I have been using the dog nappies with Zac for 8 weeks or so and they are a godsend!

With these I can sleep through the night knowing that my carpet isn’t getting more wrecked that they already are. Zac is comfortable in them and he knows as soon as it’s on in an evening a chocolate biscuit is coming his way !



Cassandra Holmes
North Hykeham

These really are a marvelous find and he has always been so good about having them put on at night
It has saved my relationship with my partner ....
Sheena Cringle
Kirk Michael
Isle Of Man
Judy Kauffmann


They made such a difference for my family! Well, what a great surprise when we received the nappies and nappy pads. Calvin was actually proud to wear his pants! He got excited to put them on! .

...He wore nappies all day and night.......The nappies also gave us one last weekend with him where we could say goodbye in our own time, without him urinating constantly


We have sadly lost Peggie who the nappy was for, but 15/16 is not a bad age. We are unable to know her exact age as she was a stray.

The Nappy helped us and her cope with her condition, she had 'Cushings Disease'. The freedom it gave her in the home was great.

I would and do recommend it

Jennifer Rossi
Woodford Green
Yvonne Dunn
East Riding Of Yorkshire

We let our vets know about the dog nappy and got them to put up a poster in the clinic for others to know about - we were so glad to find this site and it is a wonderful idea

The dog nappies have been great because she can come in the car, sit on our knees, be inside etc.

She wears one at night and doesn't mind

Ita Mcbride
Sarah Lawton
West Yorkshire

The problem was solved and this helped Royster for the last 6 months of his life and they worked absolutely brilliantly
I discovered the pet nappies website after searching the internet in early December. It was the answer to my prayers
Linda James
Vikki Ford

The winning formula for me is a dog nappy....
The nappies take seconds to put on and wash very well
Amanda France
South Yorkshire
Wanda Reece
La Glezolle
Montchevrier Centre


Wonderful product which eased the last four months of the life of our Labrador/Collie, Sammie, who sadly passed away on Saturday 14th June this year.

Thank you (to for developing and producing such an excellent product. Both the fabric (urine) nappy and the waterproof (faecal) nappy were both very effective, easy to wash and comfortable for Sammie to wear


Sadly we had to have our dog put down at Xmas but we used the products for over a year and they meant we could manage his incontinence so that it never came into the decision to have him out down.

The products were a godsend

Tamsin Outridge
West Sussex
Laila Underwood
Newton Abbot

They've (the nappies) made our life so easy....

I can't tell you just how much the dog nappies have helped.

I don't think we could have coped without them

Simone Bienne
Pamela Mathews

She has tablets from the vets so only uses the nappy when it is really bad which thankfully isn't that often

Very helpful, in fact that is an understatement.

With the help of nappies we are coping and it has taken away a lot off the stress for us and her

Katy Piper
Jennifer Rawlings


Stanley our Standard Poodle has Addisons Disease & sometimes loses his bladder control during the night, the nappy has allowed him to continue to sleep on our bed!

He is very fit & healthy and the disease is under control. At only 2 years old he has many years of nappy wearing ahead.

He loves wearing it & waits for it to be put on as part of his evening routine


Amazingly Cleo, the recipient of the nappies is still with us – a medical mystery.

Without these nappies she would be long gone as we would not have been able to cope - she is completely paralysed in the bodily function area – however her back legs are fine and in all other area’s a healthy 11 year old retriever

Jennifer Cushing
Gill Steward

It is only through searching the Internet that I became aware that there were products out there, like the nappies and has been a godsend
Sadly we finally had to have our German Shepherd, Dennis, put to sleep in April, but, in the final months of his life, our incontinence pads made life much more comfortable for him and easier for us
Helen Gough
David Treloar


I found the web site when I was trawling the internet looking for practical advice on incontinence in dogs.

Socks seemed to know immediately what the nappies were for. He just seemed to relax, and to realise they meant no more “accidents”. The first night he wore one was the first night in a long time that we both slept through until morning.

The broken nights became a thing of the past. During the day, if he had been romping in the garden or playing with my other dogs and the nappy had slipped a little, he’d come to me, give me a poke with his paw and then stand there, his expression telling me clearly to “fix this please”. Socks and I had our ritual each morning and night and as often as necessary during the day


As she aged she suffered from little else until she became incontinent. It is amazing how aware of this she was so the nappy was a God send

Kate Hoggarth
East Riding Of Yorkshire


In the short time that Tomas had the pants and pads, it made a heck of a difference and made him a happier boy.

I will always be grateful and recommend the product and company any time I get the opportunity

Teresa Carey
Co. Monaghan
Derek Richardson

The product is brilliant and customer service is second to none
Hi... I would willingly recommend your product. I have a 14 year old yorkie who cannot control his bladder very well. The nappies have saved me a lot of cleaning
Janet Lewis

Celi Skellett

The dog nappies certainly saved my sanity while he was so ill

Unfortunately Duke cannot hold himself the whole night, he is a perfectly healthy 8 year old and is more than happy to wear the nappy. He has full mobility in it and doesn't seem aware that he is wearing it as he just carries on as usual. Last thing at night when he has done his last tinkle we put it on. The pad is always heavily wet in the morning but his skin is dry and clean.

Duke wears the pads not because of old age or incontinence but because it's his way of expressing displeasure when we go out, or if we are asleep. We were never really able to potty train him, I am quite sure he knows the correct way to go but he lives life by his own rules. Your nappies have totally transformed the harmony in our home between, master, mistress and dog

Karen Benfield
Lisa Foster

A real change to my life getting a nappy for my dog Humphrey. He is much happier too which is important having been a very good house trained dog from an early age and I think it has helped retrain his bladder a bit. Will never be totally better but any improvement benefits the whole household. Keep up the good work

Thank you for the Pet Nappy, it has been a godsend to us as we have just moved into an apartment. Our Yorkie Snoopy is 15 years old and is suffering from Kidney Failure.

He does not seem to have the same control over his bladder as he used to do and we were very upset when he seemed to started weeing without telling us he needed to go out even though he is still having his walkies.

He only has the nappy on in the house and doesn't seem to mind wearing it at all !!!

Graham Woodford
Carolyn Luffingham
North Ferriby,
East Riding of Yorkshire


Washable dog nappy (Dog nappies) & pet nappy products ideal for bitches in heat, dog incontinence or excitable urination. Incontinent dog & nappies for dogs help with house training your puppy & toilet training, dog obedience, bed wetting, submissive urination and resultant damaged laminate flooring & carpet smells. Causes of urinary incontinence include cystitis, struvite crystals, bladder stones, separation anxiety, prostate, bladder or urinary tract infection.

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Basic information
Basic information
  • We supply washable dog nappy and pet nappy products in all sizes. Re-usable dog nappies and pet nappies are ideal for your pet or pets as well as other larger animal or animals.
  • Dog incontinence and incontinent dogs commonly called pet wetting, dog wetting or dog weeing is undesirable.
    Wetting in cars, excitable urination in dogs, or excitable wetting in dogs is a very common problem. The actual causes of dog incontinence vary widely and is often referred to as dog urination or urinary Incontinence in Dogs.
  • We supply all sizes of pet nappy & dog nappy products that are completely washable and re-usable.
    Other larger animals can also benefit from the use of a dog nappy or animal nappy for dealing with dog incontinence. The term “incontinent dogs” is also known as “pet wetting” or “dog wetting” or even “dog weeing”.
  • This can often occur during transport in cars and excitable urination in dogs occurs especially when visitors arrive.Excitable wetting in dogs is not unusual can cause damage.
  • There are various reasons for dog incontinence and dog urination (sometimes referred to by vets as urinary Incontinence in Dogs). Our products are Dog Nappies, Washable Dog nappy, Dog Incontinence, Incontinent dogs, urine stains, Pet nappy, excitable urination in dogs, bitches in heat, Urinary, getting urine off, nappy for Dog, excitable wetting, dog wetting, pets, Pet wetting, dog urination, house training dogs
  • A washable dog nappy or pet nappy (available in various sizes) are re-usable. Pet nappies or dog nappies are often used for other types of animals and pets who may suffer from dog incontinence. Vets know the condition under a variety of terms such as dog wetting, dog incontinence, excitable wetting and urinary incontinence in Dogs.
  • The main effects of incontinent dogs and pet wetting, is not a nice problem to deal with. So dog nappies were invented to deal with dog weeing and wetting in cars as well as excitable urination in dogs and dog urination.
  • Excitable urination in dogs or excitable wetting in dogs is a very common problem.
    Dog incontinence causes vary and are known as urinary Incontinence in Dogs / dog urination.
  1. Washable dog nappies and pet nappy products come in all sizes.
  2. Your pet and lots of pets will benefit from re-usable dog nappies.
  3. Eliminate the downside of pet wetting, incontinent dogs and dog incontinence.
  • Supplies of washable dog nappies and pet nappy products in all sizes. Re-usable dog nappy and pet nappies for
    dog incontinence and incontinent dogs, often referred to as dog urination or urinary incontinence in dogs.Training tips, Weeing, in cars, urinary incontinence, cystitis, separation anxiety, struvite crystals, bladder stones, senile dog, urine stained carpet, senility, House training your puppy, wetting the bed during the night, problem puppies.
    Excitable urination in dogs, dog wetting and the actual causes of dog incontinence vary and we can help you !