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Both urinary and faecal designs for cats, dogs and other small pets.
Our unique & superior Vet approved designs were the subject of a recent Channel 4 Cutting Edge programme.
Please scroll down to see the 3 minute video summary from the documentary.
PetWetting products exclusively supplied to Dogs Trust plus other pet rescue organisations, and we are continually working in partnership with vets.
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We also supply a full range of different PetWetting dog nappies & cat nappies that cater for:
The many benefits of our dog incontinence products and cat nappies include:
3 minute video of our products from the Channel Four "Cutting Edge" documentary, showing our dog nappies and cat nappies:
Protection from males, when females in season (Chastity belt)

Less stress for you & your family

Less stress for your pet

No more mopping up & damage

No more awful smells

No more wet bedding to wash

Allow you pets the freedom of the house again
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Territory marking for dogs and spraying cats
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Post-operative protection (instead of Elizabethan collar)
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  As our name indicates, we specialise in dog nappies (Protective Dog Trousers) & are world experts in design, development and supply of nappies for cats, dogs & other small pets.  
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Have a question ? Please contact us by email or see our FAQ frequently asked questions page.

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Incontinence Products and Advice for Men and Women:


Washable dog nappy pants (Dog nappies) & pet nappy products ideal for bitches in heat, dog incontinence or excitable urination. Incontinent dog & nappies for dogs help with house training your puppy & toilet training, dog obedience, bed wetting, submissive urination and resultant damaged laminate flooring & carpet smells. Causes of urinary incontinence include cystitis, struvite crystals, bladder stones, separation anxiety, prostate, bladder or urinary tract infection. Protective Dog Trousers.

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Basic information
Basic information
  • We supply washable dog nappy pants and pet nappy products in all sizes. Re-usable dog nappies and pet nappies are ideal for your pet or pets as well as other larger animal or animals.
  • Dog incontinence and incontinent dogs commonly called pet wetting, dog wetting or dog weeing is undesirable.
    Wetting in cars, excitable urination in dogs, or excitable wetting in dogs is a very common problem. The actual causes of dog incontinence vary widely and is often referred to as dog urination or urinary Incontinence in Dogs. Ideal for Incontinence in dogs
  • We supply all sizes of pet nappy pants & dog nappy products that are completely washable and re-usable.
    Other larger animals can also benefit from the use of a dog nappy pants or animal nappy for dealing with dog incontinence. The term “incontinent dogs” is also known as “pet wetting” or “dog wetting” or even “dog weeing”.
  • This can often occur during transport in cars and excitable urination in dogs occurs especially when visitors arrive.Excitable wetting in dogs is not unusual can cause damage.
  • There are various reasons for dog incontinence and dog urination (sometimes referred to by vets as urinary Incontinence in Dogs). Our products are Dog Nappies, Washable Dog nappy, Dog Incontinence, Incontinent dogs, urine stains, Pet nappy, excitable urination in dogs, bitches in heat, Urinary, getting urine off, nappy for Dog, excitable wetting, dog wetting, pets, Pet wetting, dog urination, house training dogs
  • For Incontinence in dogs
  • A washable dog nappy or pet nappy (available in various sizes) are re-usable. Pet nappies or dog nappies are often used for other types of animals and pets who may suffer from dog incontinence. Vets know the condition under a variety of terms such as dog wetting, dog incontinence, excitable wetting and urinary incontinence in Dogs.
  • The main effects of incontinent dogs and pet wetting, is not a nice problem to deal with. So dog nappies were invented to deal with dog weeing and wetting in cars as well as excitable urination in dogs and dog urination.
  • Excitable urination in dogs or excitable wetting in dogs is a very common problem.
    Dog incontinence causes vary and are known as urinary Incontinence in Dogs / dog urination.
  1. Washable dog nappies and pet nappy products come in all sizes.
  2. Your pet and lots of pets will benefit from re-usable dog nappies.
  3. Eliminate the downside of pet wetting, incontinent dogs and dog incontinence.
  • Supplies of washable dog nappies and pet nappy products in all sizes. Re-usable dog nappy and pet nappies for
    dog incontinence and incontinent dogs, often referred to as dog urination or urinary incontinence in dogs.Training tips, Weeing, in cars, urinary incontinence, cystitis, separation anxiety, struvite crystals, bladder stones, senile dog, urine stained carpet, senility, House training your puppy, wetting the bed during the night, problem puppies.
    Excitable urination in dogs, dog wetting and the actual causes of dog incontinence vary and we can help you !