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How the nappies and liner pads work

The inner liner pad is a disposable pad, that provides the absorbency layer (up to 350 ml for our Size 1 pad).

The inner liner pad simply sits inside the outer garment (the nappy) and absorbs the urine or seasonal flow, as well as protecting the nappy from solid waste.




The pet nappy shorts are the outer garment, rather like a pair of human shorts, however, specifically designed for pets.



The outer garment (nappy) comes in a number of different styles and sizes, all specially designed to fit the various shapes, breeds and sizes of cats, dog, rabbits and other small pets.

Adjustable velcro straps offer maximum flexibility for a perfect fit.


    Step 1    

Open up the garment and lay flat with the inside towards you.

Remove the liner pad self adhesive backing and position the liner pad inside the garment, from the tail hole to the end of the garment, where the straps are.

    Step 2  

Gently insert the tail through the tail-hole.

Place the flat end of the garment along the spine and pass the straps between the hind legs.

    Step 3  

Bring the straps up from under your dog and fix them onto the Velcro.

Adjust on both sides for a comfortable fit.

    Step 4  
    If the garment has a tail locking mechanism, adjust this for comfort so it is snug but not too tight.  
    Step 5    

Once your dog becomes mobile, re-adjust the straps to better accommodate protection and mobility.

Give lots of praise and reassurance to your dog.