Dogs and cats - territory marking and spraying in the house
Washable item, specifically designed to deter and inhibit indoor dog territory marking and spraying cats.

The drawstring locking mechanism closes up around the back end of cats, creating a physical barrier to capture the cat spray.

The underside of the nappy covers the anatomy of male and female dogs, capturing the urine.
As well as keeping the urine and spray in one place (the garment) which can be easily washed, in many cases, wearing the item actually inhibits the desire to spray or mark indoors !
Sturdy velcro straps for more secure and comfortable fit.
Special tail hole design feature, to secure the nappy in place.


    Step 1  

Gently insert the tail through the tail-hole.

Place the flat end of the nappy along the spine and pass the straps between the hind legs.

    Step 2  

Bring the straps up from under your pet and fix them onto the Velcro.

Adjust on both sides for a comfortable fit.

    Step 3  
    Adjust the tail locking mechanism for comfort, so it is snug but not too tight.  
    Step 4  

Once your pet becomes mobile, re-adjust the tail locking mechanism and velcro straps to better accommodate protection and mobility.

Give lots of praise and reassurance to your pet.