Dogs - Female - Chastity belt (protection from males)
Washable nappy, specifically designed to protect female dogs from the advances of male dogs.
The drawstring locking mechanism closes up around the female anatomy, creating a physical barrier against the advances of male dogs.
Sturdy velcro straps for more secure and comfortable fit.
Special tail hole design feature, to secure the nappy in place.



    Step 1  

Gently insert the tail through the tail-hole.

Place the flat end of the nappy along the spine and pass the straps between the hind legs.

    Step 2  

Bring the straps up from under your dog and fix them onto the Velcro.

Adjust on both sides for a comfortable fit.

    Step 3  
    Adjust the tail locking mechanism for comfort, so it is snug but not too tight.  
    Step 4  

Once your dog becomes mobile, re-adjust the tail locking mechanism and velcro straps to better accommodate protection and mobility.

Give lots of praise and reassurance to your dog.